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February 7-9, 2020

AGD Productions, Inc exhibits at Florida Audio Expo 2020 - Room 1116


"THE AUDION GaNTubeTM MonoBlock"

  • The most advanced power stage in Hi-End Audio Applications
  • Gallium Nitride MOSFET based Power stage
  • Audio Power Stage Fully integrated in Glass Tube
  • 170W, 4ohm output power (>30A max current capability)
  • 400KHz PWM.
  • 40kOhm input impedance
  • <-130db noise floor
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"THE MAGIC of the GaNTubeTM Sound"

  • The Most Advanced Power Amplifier Design in Hi-End Audio
  • Gallium Nitride Power-Stage for the purest sonic experience
  • Fully integrated in Vacuum Tube
  • Up to 200W 4 Ω
  • Up to 768KHz PWM
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  • "The AGD Vivace Monoblocks have a frequency extension and dynamic of Guinness world record proportions. The general development of the sound-stage is above and beyond the level of the canonical hi-end power amplification. In addition, the extreme clarity of the details in the high and midrange audio spectrum are so natural and captivating that one cannot but immediately, and forever, fall in love with these beautifully crafted Amplifiers ."

    Aldo Zaninello
    Aldo Zaninello
  • "Very Natural & Effortless Sounding. Works exceedingly well with our loudspeaker"

    Allen Sides

    Allen Sides's
  • "I hear this term thrown around loosely... "disruptive product," sometimes appropriately used... however in this case, we have a winner."

    Pete Davey
    Allen Sides's
  • "It is the best sounding Hi-End Class D Amplifier I ever listened to, and the only one that convey a real three dimensional sound stage. I was simply shocked when I listened the AGD Vivace driving the most difficult load of the Martin Logan CLS full range electrostatic speakers"

    Christian Hoffmann
    Loudspeaker Designer
  • "The AGD Vivace amp is the finest class-D amp I have heard and one of the best sounding amps regardless of the configuration."

    Gary Katayama